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When you arrive at Orlando Airport, the last thing you'll want to do is stand around in long lines. We can get you out of the airport, ain a cheap taxi, faster than the cruise shuttle services, and most definitely seamless in comparison to the transportation provided by Carnival, Royal Caribbean, or Disney. If you have 4 or less passengers, we recommend you take advantage of our town car service from Orlando Airport to Port Canaveral. If you have 4-6 passengers, we offer comfortable car, van or SUV service from Orlando to Port Canaveral. We also have 10 and 14 passenger vans with ample seating for large groups. We also think ahead about luggage space. We have trailers to accommodate large groups so you will never ride with luggage on your lap. We are here to make your transfers to Port Canaveral a positive experience, one you'll appreciate. We are family and specialize in providing excellent vacation transportation services including transferring passengers from Orlando Airport to Port Canaveral 24/7/365

Port Canaveral Transportation

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Transportation to Cruises at Port Canaveral

There is only one service on the road that will take the time to care about your family like you are our own, and that is OCS. Orlando Chauffeured Services Inc. is the best choice for your family if you care about their experience. We are professional in an industry rampant with terrible services. Call us so we can inform you. 407-470-6008

We are not a shared ride shuttle service between Orlando and Port Canaveral. We do not operate dirty old shuttle buses where you pay a $40.00 rate regardless of the number of passengers you have. This would cost a family of 10 $400.00! We offer a flat rate for the vehicle so you get private transfers in a clean, newer, luxury vehicle along with a professional, courteous, prompt, experienced chauffeur dressed in proper attire. We only offer the highest quality service at the most competitive rates in the entirety of Orlando!

What type of vehicle would you like your family to ride in?

Call 407-470-6008 So you can talk to the people here at OCS who care about you!

Or, Request a Quote for your Port Canaveral Transportation Online Below:




If you have ever cruised before and you have had any experience with local shuttle bus companies, then you know what you can expect from the "shuttle shuffle". We have seen a great number of people being loaded onto motor coaches but the one thing we rarely see are happy faces. It appears as though when you take control away from the traveler and herd them like cattle you will never create loyal repeat clients from treating people this way. That is why we offer only the finest vehicles and experienced, professional chauffeurs for your private transfers between Orlando Airport and Port Canaveral Cruise Terminals.

Transportation to Port Canaveral

When setting sail out of Port Canaveral on your long awaited cruise vacation the last thing you want to do is be disappointed with your Port Canaveral Shuttle service. Many Port Canaveral shuttle services focus all their attention on being the cheapest and transporting the most passengers. When that is the case that means that they have no focus on providing your family a safe and reliable service. They are only in business for the reward of money and do not even care of how they transport you from Orlando Airport to Port Canaveral. They all operate old beat up shuttle buses with very poor cleanliness. Check out local BBB review about Port Canaveral Shuttle Service and you will find that many of the companies that are advertising on the top of Google are not at all reliable. It is unfortunate that they portray an image of new vehicles that have been airbrushed and claim that they have no hidden costs and that you will save money. Be sure to read all cancellation policies as many shared ride shuttles do not allow you to cancel with a refund no matter what the circumstances are. Even when they fail to show up at the required pick up time they just make excuses and make you believe that you are in the wrong place and that you miss your shuttle and that you have to pay for another service or transfer. If you are still not convinced research the providers you are considering on using and you will see that we are transparent and have nothing to hide. We are accredited by the central Florida BBB and only operate a fleet of meticulously maintained vehicles and professional chauffeurs. We are not afraid of any questions you may have and even are willing to give you as much information on the type of vehicles in our fleet as you would like. We assure you that other shuttle services will not want to do so as they only operate old vehicles. If you have any sort of delay that is outside of your control we are experts at reorganizing and making sure that your service is still seamless. We do not make excuses and always have friendly customer service representatives standing by to assist you. We offer a large variety of vehicles to meet everyone's needs and we can assure you that when traveling in one of our vehicles you will not be disappointed or ashamed of the vehicle. All our vehicles are inspected regularly and cleaned daily to assure you prestige service every time. We welcome the opportunity to serve your families transportation needs and will not leave you feeling disappointed. We are experts at providing services from your cruise to Port Canaveral to your early flight out of Orlando Airport that the cruise line says you can not make it to. We offer day excursion packages for families with flights that don't leave until later in the afternoon.

Please review our rates below and if you have any specific questions, call us! we would love to chat with you and answer your questions. Our number is (407) 470-6008